Sunday, September 19, 2010


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My computer seems to be reacting to my politics. I am voting a complete strait Democratic ticket this November....I wish I could know all the Judges who are running for offices political party affiliations....because I would vote every Republican (selfish sons of a bitches) Judge out of office.
I am deleting files as fast as they are being created. My camera won't download properly. I don't visit cyber spaces that would have viruses. I do speak my mind and politics boldly and without hesitation. The emperor still does not have a stitch of clothes on...and hasn't for quite some time now.
I will write my blogs at the library if I have to. What could I possibly blog about that would cause someone to try to shut me down? Oh....that's right Monsanto Corporation. Monsanto who plants genetically modified seeds everywhere and then sues the local hardworking farmer putting him out of business.
Hey....Powers that be MONSANTO is evil...I don't care what you say on NPR....they are evil! Oh and BLACKWATER. We should be ashamed of having this private security firm representing this country. No wonder the world hates us! Teaming up the evil Monsanto corporation with whatever name Blackwater has changed their name to this week is a very dangerous pairing. And you can just bet our public safety and welfare are not high on their priority list. Hopefully they have bigger fish to fry than my little blog with 4 followers.

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