Saturday, September 11, 2010


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I am still moving into my new place. But things are dirty...So today I found my Great Grandmother Patton's Quilt. I washed it on gentle in my new washing machine and then hung it out on my clothesline to dry. I crossed my fingers cause I didn't know any other way. And I really want to put this quilt in a display case....but it needs to be clean.

It was brought to me up at least 88 steps at (The Cochran Mansion In Newark Ohio) by my Grandma Joy (Daughter of Helen Patton). She was late in her years bringing this quilt to me. She pointed out the dresses she wore to school every other day and her sister Charlott's dresses as well, that ended up in that quilt in the star formations.

I think I might have stopped traffic a few times in my neighborhood today by hanging that quilt out like a flag on my clothesline. It is just stunning....even in the 21st century. I cherish every memory I have of my great grandmother and grandmother and all my ancestors. If my grandmother caused a wreck because of the beauty of her quilt...I would only say...get off your cell phone and practice driving. It is not her fault that you are multi-tasking!

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sue said...

What a work of ART! I wish that my grandmother had SIGNED her quilts!