Monday, November 10, 2008

Post Apocalyptic Blacksmith

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In 2005 Dale Raby wrote The Post Apocalyptic Blacksmith.

While I do not share his beliefs entirely, I do agree that we may be heading into some very trying times. It will be helpful to know some basic blacksmiths skills, or know someone who is a blacksmith. At the end of Dale's article is an address that you can send a dollar to him if you think this article is worthy and useful!


Dale said...

Thanks for the mention! Certainly I am not politically correct and this particular work has been called racist and sexist. I make no apologies, as like everyone else, to some degree at least, I am both. Looking back at the time when I wrote this, I am a bit frightened by how prophetic my thoughts were and hope that the rest of my precognition is much less accurate. I am not optimistic, though, nor am I as well-prepared as I would like to be.

Dale A. Raby

Dale said...

The Post-Apocalyptic Blacksmith is now available as an ebook. You can get it from BookCountry or, within a few weeks from Amazon, B&N, and all the rest.


silysavg said...

I would like to buy it but can not find a vendor that accepts Paypal. If anyone knows of one I would love to know about it.
I do not give out credit card numbers on line.