Tuesday, October 14, 2008

When Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Sometimes a photograph just begs us to know the story behind it. The first photo is a photo taken by Diane Arbus.
She made photographs of Circus folk, Transvestites, and Twins. And she had a knack for making images of normal everyday people look more freakish than the freaks!

The second famous photo of Nixon and Elvis has the same quality of weirdness. Sometimes referred to as the two greatest recording artists of all time! It is from The National Archives and not taken by Diane Arbus (But it has the same quality of weirdness)
You gotta wonder just what The King was doing at The White House that day.
As I recall Nixon made him into some sort of Deputy of Drug Enforcement.
Ironic that Elvis died of a drug overdose. That's what I mean when I think about the truth is most often stranger than the fiction!

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