Friday, May 6, 2016

Bowls And Rings...And Magic Things

How I miss my kiln, and my classes in Columbus Rec centers where I could make and fire my pottery?  Let me count the ways...I miss the throwing of pots on the wheel.  I miss putting glazes on them after firing them into bisque ware.  It was so elemental for me.  I used earth, water, fire, and air.  How perfect an art.  I grieved when we bombed Babylon as we destroyed perhaps the oldest kilns in the world as well as libraries.  Sure hope we knew what the hell we were doin???  As an artist, I am deeply offended by useless ongoing senseless wars that only line the pockets of the war machine.  I sign my pottery with a mark, two C's in crescent intertwined for my signature.  I have also crafted signature rings for other potters.  Usually the initials of the potter have to be reversed...but not on my mark.  Sometimes, that is just how it works out...truly magical. 

  I don't know what else I can say about ceramics and how hard it is in the first place to get a pot made and put to the first firing...let alone all the stuff in between the second firing....when I think about it, it is a miracle...a sort of birthing....twice to get a piece of pottery to come out like it needs to be.  These three are an attempt to making nesting bowls.  I don't have a kiln right now.  The parallels in how my kiln was destroyed on a personal a landlord, and our country bombing the hell out of the oldest most precious kilns in the world did not escape me.  Shame on the USA for destroying the middle east, and shame on my landlord (past) for destroying my kiln...Amen

PS  And shame on me for letting it happen....amended amen:)

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