Tuesday, May 3, 2016

10 things I don't Forgive Obama For.

  He didn't choose Etta James, when she was alive to sing to  "At Last" which was her trademark song!.  He chose someone else
 (She goes unnamed in this blog).  Stay tuned for the other 9 things I can not forgive him for....even though, he continues to praise his own presidency. ...I do not praise his presidency. You can just bet, I will be hard on him forever more...quote the raven forever more..  I voted for the bastard twice!  I fell for his flowery speeches.  I am very hard on me, for doing that despicable thing....I assure you.  I am regretful about my vote every single day, as I fell for his lies to get into the presidency.  He could have had Etta James come to the White House and do "at last:  (she was still alive at the time)....but he didn't.  She died a few months later.  He also didn't close Guantanamo Bay like he promised (It is still not closed, yet he goes there and tries to suck up to Castro).  He also didn't free "whistleblowers", while claiming in his inauguration that there would be transparency, or get out of the middle east ( He has only got us further into that battle).  He did not punish the bankers that intentionally crashed our economy in 2008.They(the bankster are gonna do it again).  How crazy is that?  He lied about Obama Care....said we could keep our own doctors....there was no death panels...etc....he lies...with a smile on his face.... I think I witnessed Obama care killing my own Grandmother.and the prices for it has only gone up.   I imagine as I talk with my classmates....I will find that Obamacare, killed their loved ones and took their inheritance! He did not punish the bankers that crashed our economy in 2008....turned around and gave all power to insurance agencies in addition to pardoning them.  He covered crosses in churches where he spoke...swore his presidential oath on the Koran??? On top of the Bible....denied Christians asylum while granting Muslims  entry into our county, while they are being beheaded in these country's....shall I go on?  I think I should...and I have lost count.  I was goin for 10 things I can not forgive him for....but I am sure I can come up with more, as I have been keeping track.  I don't have TV.  I don't read a newspaper.  But I do witness everyday the mind controlled people around me  in addition to the heroin addicts on my street...I am not sure which people are more gullible.  They both think the other one has lost their way!  Who should I believe?  The heroine addict or the mind controlled slave of the corporate media?  I must say....I do not know.  They are equally baffling to me. Anyway.  I regret voting for him (Obama).  He lied and I believed his lies....simple as that.  I won't believe his lies between now and the End of his term (End Of Days).  I pray for the end of his term!  My list of grievances that he has imposed on our country could go on further than up the road.  I do not suffer from the psychology of previous investment syndrome.  I simply believed him, and he lied to get in office..  He talked a very flowery good game...but  I was wrong in falling for it..  He simply lied to get into office  My heroes....are the Assanges and the Snowdens of the world (Whistlebowers, with a price on their heads)  They are the ones who should get the Peace Prize not him....how stupid is it to give a Peace Prize to someone who murders with drones...boots on the ground....whatever.  He is unbelievable, from now on.  We would be very luck if he would be a lame duck president.  I fear this is not the case!.  Like I said....I regret the day I voted for this man.....I imagine I can come up with more than just 10 things I hate that he has done.  I guess no one is really paying as much attention about what he has done, what he has said, and the destruction he has actually carried out..  I did not drink the Kookaide.  Just ask me in person.  I will tell you the truth.  I don't have a TV and I don't have a smart phone or any devise that tells me what tto think   What could I possibly know without these things? He (Obama) has done nothing but erode and tear down our country, and I regret the day I ever cast a vote in his favor.

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