Tuesday, April 12, 2016

They Don't Give A Shit About You Or Your Program....Or Your Recovery!

You would never let them do this to me while I was making you something as kool as the Labyrinth....not if you lived in Granville right?  You would never make me starve...right?.  It is the only reason why I helped them  I was hungry and I knew how to make that thing.  Otherwise, they would have gotten someone else to do it right?.  I got away from them....they would have killed me, while pretending to help the "poor", as they are doing now..  They wanted my art, but they did not want to pay for it.  These shit heads are also the wheels behind the Sparta scam right now.   They are gonna trick unsuspecting big hearted people into doing work for them...volunteer....no cost....while they get a free lunch.  I know I been there man.  Look at my arms in this photo.  They didn't care....they just wanted their thing.  And I gave it to them....I was hungry. No more free rides, backwards and forwards in time!.  PS....I had to move away to get some sustenance....and even live.  You might think I look good here because I am thin....but I assure you, I was starving while helping the shitheads of the First Baptist Church of Granville.  They fed me OCCASIONALLY.  That church is a satanic church...no matter what it's name is right now,  I needed no more evidence that there is a pocket of Nazi's in Granville, than to be a volunteer for The Labyrinth Project.  They are still there  I know where they live.  I also know they have a hold of the people tryin to run Sparta right now.  Thing is....  Do you suppose these shithead Nazi's would have spared me, only to go onto the next dumb asses that believe them?  I think so....because they are parasitic, and they can't make their own art, or make their own food.  They have no talent except for manipulation of others, and they have to have them under a legal boot to do that....period.  I hope that New guy from New Orleans spits in their food at the very least. and who knows...maybe some rat poison for the worst of them might fall into their omelet:) :).  I know the ones who own the reins behind him.  The same ones who brought the cocaine in our town to begin with.  People in my neighborhood do not know that that guy was set up,  Follow that news story.  Kilo of cocaine comes into a load of fish....man gets busted....now he cooks for the judges:) and now, they can have gourmet food everyday, the very ones who sent the cocaine in the first place....we just know, we are tired of cars being broken into on our street,  so...we only care about prosecution... so we don't differentiate between tar heroine and cocaine, whether it is sanctified by our local municipality or not....we are just tired of being robbed!.  I do know this.  My neighbors also are suspicious of this corruption!  Our government is behind the bringing of it in, and the funding for the prisons for the "felons".  You think our judges and cops don't know that?  This guy made a mistake.  He cut into ort local governments drug deals.  That is all.  Who knows....maybe he didn't even do that....maybe he was just a better cook than McDonalds!  , and cut into the local restaurant economy...Thing is....my neighborhood knows how corrupt the municipal court is.  One of these days....the house of cards will come down.  A local government set that man up  I apologize for how big (overweight) I am now....I damn near it starved when trying to help Granville out with their labyrinth....but you need to realize these shitheads were starving me, and luring me into creating their labyrinth.  They didn't care at the time if I was starving or not.  They only wanted their little bling bling.  And I certainly created lots of bling bling for them!  I still have the molds and I still have the receipts....just in case you want to stick up for the pigs that were starving me.  I can show you.  They should be embarrassed...but, then, they would have to come full circle around and account for their latest scam....The Sparta.    Don't fall into their trap.  Yes....I am a fat woman now.  I had to catch up from their starvation.  If you look closely, you will see the very same predators back in the day.  Good thing I got the hell away from them.  I helped them make this thing!  I wish I could could take it back.  These same shitheads are pretending to save the Sparta.  Don't be tricked....these same shitheads never want to do the work for themselves and they want to take credit for your work later.  They are laughing at you.  Look at this video....bet you can see some of the very predators that are in your midst now  I saw one of them the other night at the Sparta....and then I realized these wonderful people that are trying to make Sparta work....are just like I was....desperate, maybe even hungry. 


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