Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pale In Comparison

First, I fried up some bacon this morning.  Then I cooked my taters in the bacon grease.  Then, I cracked out two eggs, one a brown free range egg that was purchased locally, and the other a Giant Eagle factory farm egg.  I was aghast at the difference.  Perhaps we don't know what is good for us???  Syd is healing up quite nicely...without a vet.  I was afraid to take him to a vet...even if I would have had the trip funded.  The systems idea about what is acceptable looks like it is way below the bar.  I think if people could see the difference up close, they would never settle for the standards that are legally acceptable.  I had a great breakfast this morning in spite of the grease.  I couldn't help but notice how unhealthy the grade A egg that I bought last week from Giant Eagle, looks puny and pale in comparison to eggs bought locally from happy chickens.

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