Sunday, June 14, 2015

18 Dogs Comforting Me Tonight

My sister has proven once and for all, that not only is she not a good parent, but she should not be allowed within 500 feet of her grandchildren.  I have seen her beat them  I have seen her daughter beat them.  I witnessed animal abuse as well during my stay with her.  And now, she has sent me vulgar photos of men with their genitals out of their pants.  How low will she go?  When will someone, stop her?  I don't know.  I do know this.  If there is a God, then that God would not allow her within miles of her own grandchildren!  Nor would that God allow her within 500 feet of me.  I can forgive law enforcement for not interfering with the abuse in my upbringing.  But now....supposedly we have NSA and homeland security.  If you can not protect yourself from your own kin, that what use is surveillance.  Just sayin!

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