Monday, July 14, 2014

Attention Deficit Rainbow:)

My friend and I went to a singing and drumming full moon women's circle last night.  Here in Newark the sky around us was stormy and those grey, blueish tones...don't get me wrong....beautiful in an artistic sense.  As we were driving to Columbus the sky opened up to those pop corn clouds and baby blue hues that I always associate with a happy day:)  We drummed, we sang, we listened and performed readings and poetry.  We felt our own vibrations in a common balloon passed around by a deaf woman...who wanted us to know....she could feel us.
On the way home we couldn't help but notice we were driving toward the stormy weather we had just escaped from LOL.  I told my friend I had seen a black rainbow one time over our town.  She knows very well how I feel about our town.  So it was funny in a way that only people who come from Newark can understand.  A few seconds later, I pointed to our right and said....hey look....there is a real rainbow.  Unexpected...but very well timed with my little joke about Newark.  You really had to be there LOL....but you wouldn't want to LOL.  The picture I snapped does not do justice to the actual visual display we experienced.  I was driving and could not mess with camera settings.  I only looked away from the freeway for a second at the most and tried to snap two shots before giving up.  The new camera does have settings for such a thing like that rainbow.  It does not have a spontaneous setting for the unexpected.  I have the same trouble with taking pictures of drumming.  I just can not drum and snap pictures at the same time. 

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