Wednesday, March 24, 2010

OSU Tunnels

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There are many tunnels under OSU and I have been in some of them. There are tunnels virtually under everywhere in the whole world so it really should not surprise anyone that they are under OSU. When SHTF perhaps we will all have to go down there. I sure hope not. Think trap door spider...and then you will be close to what is down there. I got this on a site about abandoned places in Ohio.

Where: Columbus, Ohio State Univeristy, OH

When: 1999

Status: Still there.

This will be a very short section. One of the early features on the site was the OSU tunnels. Such a simple thing brought me a bunch of attention... both negative and positive.

I worked in a campus building that happened to have a door leading in to the campus tunnels. This was way way back before the days of terrorism and homeland security, so the tunnels were sometimes left unlocked. We made several trips around campus in the tunnels over the years. The Univeristy frowns on people going in the tunnels because there are power lines, steam pipes, and water lines everwhere. I managed to get burnt, scraped, cut, etc quite a few times. I never did get many pictures, but here are two that I did get...

You can see power lines, steam lines, and more.

There really isn't much to say about the tunnels. There were roaches down there that were big enough to walk on a leash. The coolest thing about being down there was that you could hear people through the various vents above your head. If you're walking con campus and see a series of 14" vents, you're above the tunnels. Most run a very similar path to the sidewalks. Look down and you may see an idiot snooping around down there.

By the time I had graduated I knew most of the tunnels well enough to get around. I don't remember them now, so I won't be able to help you at all if you're trying to figure them out. I'd highly recommend not going down there if you're attending OSU because I believe they kill you if they catch you... or maybe they expel you, but the punishment is really over the top from what I hear.

No more pictures can be found in the gallery here.

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