Thursday, July 2, 2009

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I was talking to a dear friend this morning about the violence that happened at Comfest this year. I did not witness the stabbing on Saturday night thank goodness, but I did witness a dog attacking a child on Sunday afternoon.
My friend and I agree that Comfest is now too big. They are gonna need to make some drastic changes next year. I am reminded of Woodstock 1969. There has never been another Woodstock. All sorts of things happened at that concert...bad acid trips to babies being born...many conceived.
So much emphasis this year on stopping folks from bringing their own beer and liqure. But seriously they need to equally enforce the "Leave Your Dogs At Home" part of the program. Not allowing firearms makes sense. But it is my understanding that the young man was stabbed with a pen knife. How are they going to enforce that I wonder? I felt threatened by the amount of dogs on Sunday even before the child was bitten. The child who was bitten certainly invaded the dogs personal space as far as I could tell. I think dogs would prefer not to be around so many heinous humans; not watching where they are walking...not watching where their children are walking...too busy on cell phones whatever. I snagged this photo from a blog I follow called Marco Crupi Blog

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