Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Home Invasions On The Rise

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Several years ago I lived in a building downtown Columbus that became an underworld after 5 PM. The day I moved in and was being shown around I inquired about 3 doors in splinters in the trash. I wondered what fate had happened to those doors. I know now that the guy that was the manager lied to me about what had happened to those doors. Not surprising, the man at the local firehouse also lied about the fire runs that occurred several times a day. I was asking all the right questions, but I was being lied to in the name of some business model that needed a tenant in that apartment.
In a two year period of time I was beaten and robbed 5 times in that apartment building, all in my own home. My naive well meaning friends asked why I opened my door. My door ended up in the trash just like the doors that I had seen on my tour on moving day. Home Invasion was the name of the game after 5 in my building. It didn't take long for it to happen to me. Home Invasion is on the rise. I am lucky to be blogging about it. Here is a link to a more updated story. I can honestly say that I should have armed myself and killed the thieves before they could beat me. They say hindsight is always twenty twenty vision. Prepare to defend yourself, your home, and your loved ones. I am looking for a bumper sticker that says I don't dial 911!

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