Thursday, February 12, 2009

Still Made In The USA

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There is a lot of talk"noise" on Wall street these days about deglobalization. So much of our everyday items are imported from somewhere else that our economy is dependent on other countiries. The media spin these days is that it is somehow unpatriotic to save money. Somewhere in between these two ideas is compromise. I say buy things that are still made in America. How could that ever be construed as being unpatriotic? For more on this topic please check out the website Still Made In The USA.

The old Fiestaware ad in the photo features a deal that was offered after the Great Depression. Fiestaware was made by The Homer Lauglin China Company that is still operating in Newell West Virginia. Fiestaware itself is the embodiment of the aftermath of The Depression. People needed to be cheered up and so Fiesta was born so the story goes.

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