Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Eye Sore Of The Month

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I submitted our Convention Center here in Columbus as a candidate for Eye Sore Of The Month. Eye Sore Of The Month is a feature on Jim Kunstlers website where he gives voice to subjects like urban Sprawl and poor zoning laws, bad architecture, and the end of happy motoring. I have been following Kunstler since his book Geography Of Nowhere. Buildings such as The Columbus Convention Center can be explained by referring to the fairy tale The Emperors New Clothes. Basically the story goes like this: a city official is tricked into believing that these modern monstrosities will bring more revenue to the city because they are so hip. Somehow everyone believes this, when in fact they waste good building materials and space. In actuality, most of these spaces create an uncomfortable psychological feeling and alienate the population. Almost every major city has a few of these. Hopefully as our society becomes more frugal and resourceful, places such as Columbus Convention Center will be mined for their scrap value and we can just get on with designing a more conventional Convention Center. We could use the revenue!

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