Saturday, September 27, 2008

An American Footprint

Last nights debate was so focused on the economy and foreign policy, but never really touched on the heart of the problem (aside from the irresponsibility of Wall Street). We do not export enough products and services here at home to fund this ridiculous war in Iraq. We are borrowing from China to pay for this expensive war. We are weak on producing anything to export, dependent on foreign nations for most of our consumption, and going into further debt to the very countries that we need to distance ourselves from. Perhaps the next debate will address this problem and offer some solutions. Hopefully The American People will soon begin to realize that we need to produce more products for home use as well as export. We need to spend our dollars here and strengthen our own economy.
I am so pleased to find An American Footprint. This is a new web site in its first stages, so you can submit your favorite companies that produce American made products and services. You can participate in the Forum and add your ideas and experience. This is an idea whose time has come. You can help save the US economy buy seeking out and promoting products and services that are made here in America. Check out American Footprint and add it to your bookmarks. Stop buying things made in 3rd world countries. If we don't invest in our own economy we are in danger of becoming the next 3rd World Country.

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nootka said...

Thanks for blogging this!
We'd love to network on this subject (Made in USA/avoiding the piles of badly made, even toxic things being imported into our country at no benefit to us!)