Sunday, January 24, 2016

Ladies Of The Labyrinth

You can find one of the limited edition Labyrinths I made on eBay this week.  My username is skymetalsmith, and I will be posting more eBay auctions throughout the day.  As always, there is quite a story behind this piece.  For a brief period of time, I assisted The First Baptist Church of Granville OH construct a 30 foot diameter canvas replica of the Charte Cathedral Labyrinth.  In addition to the construction of the Granville Labyrinth, I made several of these 50 cent size medallions for the Ladies involved with the project.  The experience was overwhelmingly confusing to me at the time, and only makes sense today because of the obvious masonic roots of the symbol.  I had no access to the internet at the time, but in the years since then have come to understand my trials and tribulations as an encounter with cultists.  Thankfully, I got away from them before I could be pulled into any of their traps.  I realize that these people were deluded and do not seem to know that the secret of their religion results in the worship of Lucifer whom they believe is the one true god.  They were and are elitists who promote The New World Order.  They are dangerous in that their purpose is to bring about a highly reduced population on earth, centralized world government...and of course, they believe they will be permitted to live, while the majority of the rest of the population will be sacrificed.  They were pretty "hoity toity" as my kin folk would say.  I have never been so happy to be done with a project and the people associated with the project in my life.  I have no idea if the 30 foot canvas labyrinth we made sill exists.  I do know, the revisionists have done everything to wipe my name off their project, changed the church "cult" name at least once.  Supposedly there is a concrete labyrinth at Denison University near Swazey Chapel.  I seriously do not know, as I stopped believing a word of our local paper many years ago.

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