Friday, March 20, 2015

Not My Vision

Last Saturday I attended the 2015 VSA Exhibition and my painting Old School didn't even place.  I was hopeful, and it will take awhile to get over the observations I made that day.  When I grow up...I am going to be an art judge NOT!  This morning, in spite of the useless feeling I have about the direction that art is taking, I will make art.  Sometimes I wonder if greed motivates every aspect of life?  Instead of asking ourselves how we can make something better, we misinterpret that to mean cheaper.  We have cheapened almost everything on this planet in the name of profit margins.  The art world is such a market place.  And now that art money is now going toward the non profit organizations, I shudder to try to visualize the quality of art that will be the result of that. 

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