Friday, January 22, 2010

Desire To Make Things Whole

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I spent the morning trying to find the perfect v block and clamp for my knife making projects. I have been outbid on eBay each and every time I try to get a vintage V block and clamp. Most folks wouldn't go to that much trouble, and would just go out and buy one. But in our household we are not buying anything from China, so buying vintage tools is really the best way to go about our business.

This little gem is the solution to my problem. I have a Foredom drill press that is about the size of a child s microscope. Chances are that if I would have been successful at obtaining a vintage V block and Clamp, it would have been too large to fit into my press. Foredom makes the perfect vice designed to fit my Foredom drill press.
Unfortunately I was not able to use a debit card through the computer, so I ordered a catalog and hopefully when it gets here I will have other payment options. I like using debit cards about as much as I like buying junk from China. I like to pay cash or send a money order for most things. This little vice has the V block feature and will solve the problem of securing an already round or cylinder object long enough for me to drill.

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