Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Here is 21 Elmhurst Street Detroit Michigan in 1969 and the same spot in 2001. Once a thriving neighborhood and now a neighborhood in decline.

It is doubtful that a bailout for the big three will improve places like this.

Notice how in 69 the street is full of cars, and in modern times it has become a desolate place. Notice the lack of Elm Trees in 2001. What was once welcoming front yards are now behind chain link fences. This could very well be the future for any city in America. I snagged these two photos from a discussion thread on a site called Life After The Oil Crash. LATOC is A site totally dedicated to the ramifications of Peak Oil. Detroit is one of the cities that could very well thrive in the future as it is strategically located for trade. Unfortunately though, the age of the automobile is almost done. Perhaps some of the new greener technology can be produced there instead of over seas. Perhaps neighborhoods like Elmhurst Street will thrive again.

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